W's Birthday Weekend

Hubby turned 32 this weekend.  My mom sent a package with some gifts for him and this bag for me.  You can fold up the bag real small, button up the eyes, and stick it in your purse.  Thanks Mom!

For W's birthday we went to the zoo.  I had planned on doing a food truck adventure but in the end, being the animal lover that he is, he wanted to see the animals.  My favorite were the penguins:

I must say that we were pretty impressed with the zoo here. Having been to the Lincoln Park Zoo (Chicago) in June and the LA Zoo in July, we thought the Columbus Zoo animals were much more lively, and the zoo was set up really well.  We topped it off with dinner at our favorite vegetarian Indian restaurant.

On Sunday we had dinner with his co-worker and her fiance at their home.  It was delicious:

The menu was cous-cous (with lamb, goat cheese and dried cranberries), asparagus, kabocha squash, and a salad we brought.  This salad is becoming one of our favorites.  I had it once at our friend Karen's home back in Chicago. Here's my adapted version:

red leaf lettuce
garabanzo beans
red onions
anjou pear
heart of palm
{served with Brianna's poppyseed dressing}


  1. Hi Bo. lol- it's not really "my" salad, but your adapted version looks yum! I'd love to try it. :) Miss you!

  2. karen! in my mind it's the "karen salad". :) i have a couple of new salad recipes i want to try. i'll post when i make them.