27 cents

i got this milk glass vase for 27 cents at a thrift store in the area.  the flowers are from my cousin's wedding.  i played cello at her wedding and was returning the cello i had rented.  on the way back, i saw a little thrift store.  i went in and found this.  when i took it to the counter, the lady told me it was a quarter plus tax.  yeah!

in other news, i'm going to new york city for labor day weekend.  w's friend is getting married.  i'm so excited!  please leave a note if you have any recommendations for things to do in nyc.  i'll be staying in tribeca.

i think fall is coming.  the weather this week has been significantly cooler...


  1. YAY for midwest thrift shops. So many reasonably-priced treasures to dig up!

  2. Seriously. Things are generally cheaper here, which is a plus.