Wanted to take a break from studying and do a quick update!
  1. Garden - my garden is doing well. We've been picking lots of herbs for salads. W is in charge of watering now. I also got tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber and sunberry a few weeks ago.
  2. Compost - I ended up throwing it all away last week. The first batch was doing well, so I created a second batch but that one attracted fruit flies that ended up getting in both batches. :(
  3. School - a lot of work! I feel old too. But hanging in there.
  4. Weight - I started calorie counting using an app on my phone this week. I have a goal of gaining 1 pound a week. Doc told me ideally she wanted me to gain 30 lbs. Is that crazy or what? I think I would look like a completely different person if I did that. The most I've ever weighed is 15 lbs more than what I am now, and that was first semester freshman year when I ate all you can eat dorm food, soda and dessert every meal, and then got majorly sick at the end of the semester. So I don't think I can do 30, but I'll be happy if I can gain 10-15.
I hope everyone's enjoying their summer!