Jason's Birth Story

Wow, it's been over two years since I've posted anything. I wanted to document Jason's birth story before too much time passes. He is 2 months tomorrow.

He was due March 7. Exactly two weeks before his due date was when everything started. It was a Monday and I worked that day. Came home and that night started contractions. I told Will, baby is going to be born tomorrow! All night contractions were on and off, but by morning they decreased in intensity. Will wanted me to put Caleb in daycare but I thought I would be okay, and I was. I spent all day with Caleb, took him to the museum and the library, two of his favorite places. In my heart I knew this would be my last day one on one with him in awhile.

That night, Tuesday night, the contractions started again. This time I called the midwife to give her a heads up. I thought, he's going to be born tomorrow for sure. I didn't get much sleep. The contractions were painful but they weren't progressing as I knew they should. And again in the morning they died down. I googled some stuff and learned about false labor. I called the midwife and she confirmed that I was indeed in "false labor". I asked her how long this could go for - she said two weeks - up until my due date! I was scheduled to work Friday and wondered how I could work in this physical state. Even though I wasn't in active labor, the contractions were still painful and I was tired.

That night, now Wednesday night, all of a sudden the contractions got super intense at around 8pm. At 9:11pm I called the midwife I had talked to in the morning and she immediately told me to come in. We asked our neighbor to watch C and packed our stuff and hurried to the hospital. On the way there I felt a super intense contraction, like I was pushing.

We checked in, went to triage. While waiting for the midwife, I had a surge of bloody discharge. She came, checked me, and I was 7cm, I think 90% dilated. Yes! They took me into a room and hooked me up. They asked me if I wanted an epidural and I said yes. They hooked me up to the fluids. A few minutes later my body started pushing. I pushed 4 times and he was out. He was born at 10:18pm (just an hour before that I was at home!).

Everything is different with a second. More on that later.