flower mart

my mom and i went to the flower mart yesterday. we'll be doing the flowers for my wedding. i can't believe this was my first time there. it's such a fun place. we had a blast running around looking at the flowers, buying floral supplies and brainstorming.



here's the view from my window at work.  i love that i have this window behind me.  the natural light is great.


pears & cheese

i've never had this combo before but it is SO good.  i had this at work the other day.  yum!

p.s. i am experiencing an uncharacteristic bout of insomnia.  don't know if it's the coffee i drank yesterday, wedding stress or the excitement of will being in town for t-giving.


here they come

our registry gifts are arriving. the other day will sent me an e-mail entitled "what i came home to", with this photo attached. i think these are some gifts, and the big box is a sofa we ordered.

will is so busy he hasn't had time to set anything up. i can just picture a bunch of boxes strayed all over his place right now.

i can't wait to go over there, open all the boxes, and set it all up! i love assembling things. it gives me a sense of satisfaction to put something together and see the final result.


3 weeks

i gave my three weeks notice at work today.  i was pretty nervous about it, but it went well.  my boss was very gracious and affirming.  it was also a huge burden lifted off me because i had kept quiet about will being in school for a verrry long time.  it was a relief to finally tell everyone.  my coworkers were both excited for me and sad.  

i'm going to miss my work, my routine and rhythm, my coworkers.  the quiet half hour mornings to myself, knowing the order in which people come in, snacks in the afternoon with coworkers, our chit chat and playful joking. 

i wanted to document my little office space before things get too hectic and i forget to do it.  here's the entryway to my desk...

yes, those are my files on the ground.  we don't have filing cabinets for them.  my desk is on the left side.

here's my computer area, what i stare at all day:

my cork board, office directory, cute calendar and other knick knacks i've accumulated...

here's my little "kitchen".  i drink green tea every morning in that red car mug, using the little strainer that my friend allison got me years ago.  and i wash those plastic utensils and reuse them, along with my cup, plate and bowl.

and a view from the top.

it's a tiny space, but i will miss it.

on a side note, as i was taking these photos, i realized how much obama stuff i had accumulated in that tiny space.  my work was like obama central.  couldn't stop talking about the elections at work.  oh, i will miss those days.


downtown eats

tomorrow will be my one year anniversary at work!  to commemorate, i made a map of my favorite spots to eat around work.  even though i usually bring my lunch, i realized that i had become familiar with some of the options in the area after being there for a year.  

i will miss downtown.  especially the part i worked in.  not the smell of urine and the paranoia of unknown liquid substances falling on your head, or seeing mice scurrying about on the sidewalks, but other things.  ;)


it's fall

i was loving the weather this weekend.  on sunday the sun was out and it was windy.  the skies were clear and the air was crisp.  fall has arrived in LA!

i love the fruits around this time of year.  especially the beautifully round persimmons.  they remind me of delicate versions of pumpkins.  mmm.



this book inspires me to take more photos.  i secretly want to be a photographer when i grow up.  

there is a cool story behind this book.



oh man!  it wasn't until late last night as i was talking on the phone with will that i realized he could've gotten me a copy of this:


my map

i was inspired by a friend who created a food guide to los angeles, and i made one for chicago a few weeks ago when i was bored.  i basically put together all of the places i had stored from blogs or other things i had read over the last few months.  here it is!

hopefully this will help me and will to ease our transition there.  good food and good coffee shops always help.


i did it

haven't been able to concentrate on anything today.  eek!



yesterday i attended my very own bridal shower. it was surreal, after having been to so many showers for others. my bridesmaids were amazing in planning it all. it was held at the chado tea room in pasadena. i loved how girly it was.

it hit me that i am getting married. me. married!

twenty beautiful and fabulous women from different parts of my life were together in one room. i've been influenced and shaped by each one. it was a moment to treasure.

will surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of roses at the shower. it was so thoughtful of him, especially with him being in chicago. it was extra special. the girls also got to know him a lot better too (requisite game with probing questions asked of the couple). ;p

i am blessed.