Korean Groceries

After some dismal attempts at finding good and cheap Korean groceries, I got a recommendation from my aunt to check out the Korean video store.  We had already checked out 2 regular Korean markets so we thought, what the heck, let's try the video store and see what they got.

Surprisingly, the Korean video store, actually called "Han Kook Video", has the best Korean groceries in town.  It's about the size of our living room and packed with groceries, household items and shelves lined with Korean DVDs.  And nothing has a price tag on it.  We bought a few things and were pleased with our new find.

I learned from my aunt that new goods come every Thursday, so this past Friday I went over there.  The place was swarming with Korean ahjummas and halmunees.  I think about 10 of them.  And there was a lot of good stuff.  I thought it was the funniest thing.

So now I have the inside scoop on Korean groceries in town.

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