continued public transport adventures

i decided to go to the fashion district yesterday. i have 3 weddings coming up in the next month and nothing to wear. i wasn't going to drive, with gas prices so insanely high, and then dealing with trying to find parking there and paying for it. with my monthly bus pass i get from work, i can get there by paying just for the gas it takes for the 2.82 mi roundtrip cost of driving to highland park station.

if i do say so myself, i was pleasantly surprised to discover that i have become quite adept at using public transport. i took one bus (the 83) to get there. then on the way back, too hot to wait for that same bus, just hopped on the first bus that came along (10), figured out where it was going, and got off to wait for my bus again, but at a stop near the subway so that in case i didn't want to wait i could take it. it turns out i didn't want to wait after 1 minute in the heat so i hopped on the train and got home! it was beauty.

i've had lots of practice since last year when i first experimented with public transport in LA. at work we can choose between the bus pass and the parking pass. the bus pass is way better because it covers all train and bus lines. and i don't have to pay for gas. and i use it on the weekends.

places of interest for me during the lunch break:

grand central library & farmer's market - my most frequent stop (bus)
chinatown (bus)
fashion district (bus)
cathedral of our lady of angels (rail)
7th & metro mall (rail)
k-town (rail)
city hall (bus or by foot)
groundwork coffee (foot)
lost souls (foot)
lot 44 coffee & tea (foot)
famima (foot)
bonaventure (bus)

the fun continues...