Korean Groceries

After some dismal attempts at finding good and cheap Korean groceries, I got a recommendation from my aunt to check out the Korean video store.  We had already checked out 2 regular Korean markets so we thought, what the heck, let's try the video store and see what they got.

Surprisingly, the Korean video store, actually called "Han Kook Video", has the best Korean groceries in town.  It's about the size of our living room and packed with groceries, household items and shelves lined with Korean DVDs.  And nothing has a price tag on it.  We bought a few things and were pleased with our new find.

I learned from my aunt that new goods come every Thursday, so this past Friday I went over there.  The place was swarming with Korean ahjummas and halmunees.  I think about 10 of them.  And there was a lot of good stuff.  I thought it was the funniest thing.

So now I have the inside scoop on Korean groceries in town.

W's Birthday Weekend

Hubby turned 32 this weekend.  My mom sent a package with some gifts for him and this bag for me.  You can fold up the bag real small, button up the eyes, and stick it in your purse.  Thanks Mom!

For W's birthday we went to the zoo.  I had planned on doing a food truck adventure but in the end, being the animal lover that he is, he wanted to see the animals.  My favorite were the penguins:

I must say that we were pretty impressed with the zoo here. Having been to the Lincoln Park Zoo (Chicago) in June and the LA Zoo in July, we thought the Columbus Zoo animals were much more lively, and the zoo was set up really well.  We topped it off with dinner at our favorite vegetarian Indian restaurant.

On Sunday we had dinner with his co-worker and her fiance at their home.  It was delicious:

The menu was cous-cous (with lamb, goat cheese and dried cranberries), asparagus, kabocha squash, and a salad we brought.  This salad is becoming one of our favorites.  I had it once at our friend Karen's home back in Chicago. Here's my adapted version:

red leaf lettuce
garabanzo beans
red onions
anjou pear
heart of palm
{served with Brianna's poppyseed dressing}


27 cents

i got this milk glass vase for 27 cents at a thrift store in the area.  the flowers are from my cousin's wedding.  i played cello at her wedding and was returning the cello i had rented.  on the way back, i saw a little thrift store.  i went in and found this.  when i took it to the counter, the lady told me it was a quarter plus tax.  yeah!

in other news, i'm going to new york city for labor day weekend.  w's friend is getting married.  i'm so excited!  please leave a note if you have any recommendations for things to do in nyc.  i'll be staying in tribeca.

i think fall is coming.  the weather this week has been significantly cooler...



i was pleasantly surprised to learn recently of a thriving (and growing) food truck scene here in columbus.  not only that, but there are taco trucks.  you don't know how excited i am.  chicago only had one food truck that i knew of, and it was a cupcake truck, which to me only partially counts as a food truck.

w's b-day is coming up next week and i'm planning on doing a food truck adventure with him to check them out.  i think he will love it.  shhh...don't tell him.  he doesn't read this blog.

btw, here's another photo of our place.  i love the multi-colored cloth on our coffee table.  when we bought some blankets in korea, the lady threw that in for free.  i think it adds a nice punch of color to the rest of our whites and neutrals.



things accomplished in the last 2 weeks:
  • got all household knick knacks such as cleaning supplies, basic foodstuffs, bathroom rug, etc...
  • got my ohio drivers license and plates
  • signed up for the gym
  • got a library card
  • got internet set up
  • got the boxes and debris from our move picked up
  • found some asian grocery stores, marinated bulgogi
  • got the place ready for guests
not bad, eh?

btw, those flowers are from our neighbors overgrowing butterfly plant (i think) at the front yard in our yard.  so pretty!


settling in

we have mostly settled in and are getting used to our new place and surroundings.  i cooked nearly every day this week, which helps to make our house feel like home.

my cousin is getting married on saturday here in columbus so my extended family has begun to fly in, which is really nice.  

the hydrangeas above are cut from a bush in our little backyard area.  aren't they nice?


in columbus

and finally online!!!  i gotta run out the door but an update on the new life in cbus to come soon...