Thanksgiving 2011

This year we invited some good friends over for Thanksgiving, who also don't have family nearby. All of the food was delicious and we went around the table sharing what we were grateful for. Afterwards we played Settlers. Not pictured here are the stuffing and the pumpkin pie W made. A picture of the pie is here.


This year's menu

We put the finishing touches on our Thanksgiving menu tonight! This year we're having a few friends over for dinner. There is a nice combination of repeats from last year and new recipes we're trying:

Turkey (12 lb Bowman Landes turkey from Weilands)
Apple-pecan cornbread stuffing
Roasted purple yams
Green bean salad with almonds
Pumpkin pie

Friends are bringing:

Mashed potatoes
Cranberry sauce

I'm excited! W is handling everything except the salad, which is my job for the night. ;)


Egg salad

And I thought there was no food in the fridge.


I started a new blog with photos shot on W's phone.  Enjoy!