I went to the conservatory again on Sunday and had a few hours of solitude there.  It was refreshing.  I think I will make it a habit, especially as I got a membership.


Almost the weekend...

Here's a little pre-weekend pick me up.  After a short lived warm spell, we got cold weather and snow this week.  But it rained today so things are starting to look up.  This is a shot from our weekend trip to the conservatory.


Cherbourg Bakery

Today we stopped by Cherbourg Bakery in Bexley after our visit to the Franklin Park Conservatory (more photos on that later).  They have excellent coffee for $2 and we especially enjoyed the rosemary cornbread and ginger carrot muffin.


Valentine's flowers

Some tulips from the hubby on Valentine's.  Hope you enjoyed the day with your loved ones.



Our favorite tacos and sope in the city, from taco truck, Taco Nazo.  When we first discovered the truck, we breathed a huge sigh of relief and felt like we came home.


Matcha macarons

I made matcha macarons yesterday using a modified version of this recipe from Tarlette.  I think they came out pretty good for a first attempt, but I undercooked them just a little, so they're breadier than I'd like. It was a fun learning experience - my first time using a kitchen scale and pastry bags - and takes lots of patience too. They turned out pretty cute though, didn't they?  I want to try them again - I know I can make them better! 


Leisurely day

I'm having a relaxing day today, which feels nice. It's been awhile since I had a day like this. Worked in the morning, ran some errands and fixed myself a nice lunch. The sandwich is multi-grain bread with ham, brie and raspberry jam. Spinach salad with grape tomatoes and beets. With green tea. Yum!  I also started this book last night, and really enjoying it.

P.S. Do you like my new look? I realized I wanted to post larger photos. In the process, I changed the fonts too.