Two years

We celebrated our two year anniversary late this year because I was in LA the day of.  A few weekends ago we took a day trip to Athens, OH.  We had an awesome lunch at Casa Nueva, a worker-owned cooperative restaurant.  How cool is that?  I had the tofu enchiladas. Then we went and chilled at a local coffee shop.


We're on a pizza kick!  W found the recipe for the crust in the cookbook and we can't get enough.  It's so simple.  The other day I made bbq chicken pizza.  It was pretty awesome. Photo above is from the first attempt.


Snow and more snow

This is my world these days.  Please spring, come soon.


LA food is the bomb

I already posted some food, but here's more:

Agu-jjeem at Dae Bok for my mom's graduation dinner:

Noshi with W's family and then mine:

Korean dessert from a stand outside Assi Market, filled with red bean. I forget what this is called (Janice, help me out):

Grandma's 88th birthday cake.  Cousin Hannah picked it up from Porto's.  Red velvet!

Intelligentsia in Old Town Pasadena. Oh, how I've missed you.

Paulette's macaroons, Janice's favorite.

Yummy Korean fried chicken with the Kwaks from OB Bear:

Breakfast made by W's mom:

Breakfast I made at the cousin's trip, and some fruit we picked from the backyard there:

New Year's breakfast made by W's mom and Janice:

That's about it! I hope you're all enjoying 2011 so far.

11th annual cousins trip

I can't believe it's been 11 years!  We went to an awesome house in Palm Springs this year. It was the most relaxing time...

W and Jacob playing Kinect. I got addicted to this game. It's so fun.

Karaoke. Me bumming while Jacob and Tim sing their hearts out to some cheesy love song.

Annual gift exchange.  This year was white elephant themed.  Lots of laughs.  W's gift won for best gift (meaning most hilarious).

More friends

My brother and I hung out with Chris & Laura, friends from college and their puppy Pau.  The cutest dog ever.  With the cutest name.

With W's friend from from college and his family.  Their daughter Jace is the cutest:

Girl friends are the bomb

I miss all of my girl friends in LA.  They are such quality people.  Thanks for a great time of eating and catching up.

With Helen at LaMill in Silverlake:

Jiyoo let us borrow her car.  Thanks Jiyoo!  I think she looks so cute here:

With Dianna at Starbucks.  We found out that Starbucks does not allow you to take photos inside their stores, so we had to do this fast.

With Margaret at her place.  We look like this because we walked out in the rain and were drenched.  The walk was worth it though because we had yummy food at Europane.

With Diane at her pad in k-town. She cooked me a yummy dinner. She was all insecure about her cooking but it turned out great.

With Janice at Joan's on Third:

More Janice:

With May and her dog Mochi at her home:

More on LA to come...

edit: I totally forgot to take a photo with my dear friend Rebecca.  Ugh!  Rebecca, it was so good to see you!  Even though I don't think E was too happy with me. :)

Congratulations to my mom

After taking classes part time for 7 years at APU, my mom graduated and received her masters in theology.  I'm so proud of her and she's an example to me as I go back to school.  This break, I had to a chance to remember what an amazing woman my mom is.  She's so gifted, loving and generous.  I have a lot to learn from her.  Congratulations, um-ma!  I love you.

18 blissful days in LA

I finally have some spare time to post photos from my LA trip.  It was such a blast to see family and friends.  I wish I had time to meet up with more people but the trip was packed.  I made a point to take photos with people this time.

Hanging out with Allison...

Breakfast at Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock:

Hanging out at her new pad.  We have like 10 stop motion photos of us.  I accidentally put it in the mode where it takes 10 all at once.  Here's the one somewhere in the middle of it:

Cupcakes at Lark Cake Shop in Silverlake:


My Year in Cities

I saw a blog posting the year in cities traveled and thought I'd do the same for 2010.  The rule is that one or more nights must be spent in each city:

Los Angeles, CA
Chicago, IL
Columbus, OH
Kansas City, MO
Seoul, Korea
Namhae, Korea
Hanoi, Vietnam
Hoi An, Vietnam
Danang, Vietnam
Sapa, Vietnam
Krabi, Thailand
Phi Phi Island, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand
New York, NY
Park City, UT
Palm Springs, CA

16 cities in a year is probably a record for me, with the extensive travel we did in Asia.  I'm looking forward to seeing where 2011 will take me.