my first hat

I picked up knitting again a few weeks ago, after a 2-year hiatus. All I've ever knit are scarves of one color. So I thought I'd take it up a notch (haha, get it?) by knitting a hat, with two colors. I forgot that I'd have to first re-learn knitting basics, let alone learn to knit in a round and use two colors. It was supposed to fit an adult head but it came out so small that I don't know whose head it will fit (probably a small child). Also, the outside came out all bumpy so I had to turn the hat inside out. I want to give this hat to a kid who can use it, but I feel so bad giving this to someone as a gift. Rather than giving it as a gift, maybe I can just show it to them and say something like, "Hey, do you want this?" :)

I'm also teaching myself to crochet and working on two projects. We'll see what happens. Learning how to read patterns has been a slow process. Every time I come across something I don't know, I have to google it and try to find out what I'm supposed to do. It's a lot of trial and error, and unraveling. My mom is an awesome crochetter (is that a word?), but she doesn't know what all of these abbreviations and terms mean. She does it all intuitively. Are there any other knitters or crochetters out there? I'll take any tips on resources, websites, books or advice.


blog action day

Today bloggers are posting about the environment for Blog Action Day. I will merely share links to two blogs that I turn to for green wisdom:

greenLAgirl walks the talk. I read her blog regularly and do searches on it for any info I need. She's now blogging for the LA Times so you may have to go here for the latest. I've also been impressed by EnviroWoman, who has been living plastic-free for almost a year.

FYI, I noticed the other day that IKEA is now charging 5 cents for plastic bags.


santa barbara

I have been dating for a year now! Will took me to Santa Barbara for a day to celebrate 365 days of goodness together. On the drive up we found ourselves unwinding as we inched further away from L.A. and enjoyed the breathtaking view of the coast. Lunch was at Ca 'Dario, an Italian restaurant that is known for its ravioli. It was spectacular. Then we headed to Santa Ynez for wine tasting at Sunstone, Gainey and Beckmen. Sunstone was the favorite. They don't use pesticides and their chardonnay was yum. We stopped by the farmer's market in Solvang before going back.

This was the perfect idea for a day trip. It's close to LA and we kept saying how much we liked it and that we should go more regularly. It was quieter, cozier and less commercialized than Napa.

I found the cutest book at Beckmen: Wine Dogs: USA Edition. The book documents dogs that belong to different winemakers. I was ecstatic when I saw that Gus (dog at Beckmen) and Shelby (Sunstone), dogs we met, are both featured in the book. I wish I had a dog. Sigh. {Photo from winedogs}


brewery art walk

This was more fun than going to a museum. Tons of local artist who live and work at the Brewery Art Colony open up their studios so we ordinary folk can view and buy their wonderful art. Too bad I couldn't afford anything. It will also be open tomorrow. Here's some art from Jill Sykes:

it's fall

The weather is changing and it always makes me feel a little romantic. I love autumn. It's sunny and warm but there is something different in the air. You start to take out the jackets and coats that have been stored in the closet for several months, and finger those brightly colored scarves again, wondering if it's cooled down enough to wear them (I know, I'm so LA). So in the name of autumn I took a walk around the neighborhood yesterday in the late afternoon, when the air was crisp and there was a slight breeze.

That (above) is Highland Park, my friends. I hope to post more about my neighborhood in the days to come. Meanwhile, enjoy the nice weather. I just wish we could also see leaves changing color in our part of the world.