my new photography business:


okay, okay. i have to admit, i have no idea what i'm doing or how this will turn out. it's kinda scary putting myself out there. but i guess i'll never know unless i try, right?


something new

i am working on a new project right now!  i will let you know about it soon.

stay tuned...


spring's arrival

spring has been somewhat shy - okay - downright stubborn about arriving in chicago.  it's april 22!  but today she poked her head out and gave us a little glimpse of her full glory.  i went for a run by the lake after work and noticed signs of spring all around me.  first of all, it was a gorgeous day.  it hit 60 today, the sun was out, and it wasn't too windy.  also, i see green leaves appearing on trees that for so long were bare skeletons.  grass is turning from yellow/brown to green.  tulips and daffodils are opening up their buds everywhere, and people are planting their flower boxes.  it is really amazing how winter becomes spring.  it's such a sight to see green after so much grey, brown and white.  i can't even begin to describe how i felt as i saw familiar barren sites begin to show signs of change.  it is a beautiful thing.


here's the 4th edition of shout outs:

my friend jon (again, from mosaic!) quit his job a few years ago in pursuit of videography. in the meantime, he is working part-time at the apple store in pasadena and doing some wedding videography (he did ours). he also created a cool video for speak up, the organization i mentioned earlier. and he's currently in thailand doing some more filming for speak up. (hannah also created the website for speak up). yes, my friends are all connected.

on another note, jon is actually from chicago. he gave me lots of tips before i moved out here. he'll be coming out in september for the u2 concert (will and i are going too!). i'm excited to see him in his home town!


spread creative

3rd edition of shout outs...

my friend hannah (also from mosaic) is a graphic designer in pasadena, california. hannah quit her day job over a year ago and went free lance as a graphic artist. she also started spread creative, an invitation design company. part of the profits from spread creative go to organizations that work to end poverty and fight injustice around the world. not only is hannah creative, but she is very cool. also, she looks like the korean version of angelina jolie. if you go to her website, you'll see what i mean.


shout out week

i've been so inspired by different friends of mine who have gone non-traditional routes and started their own organizations or small businesses. so this week i've decided to highlight some of them. i already told you about vero. here's the 2nd edition...

my friend from mosaic, troy, started his own non-profit called speak up. speak up works to eliminate human trafficking, beginning in thailand, and eventually around the world. troy got his law degree at ucla so he could do this. after working as a DA to pay off school loans, he quit his job and went full force into developing his organization.

one thing i like about his vision is that he is seeking to stop the cycle of poverty and oppression by educating women. women end up being sex slaves because they can't find other work, which they can't do because they aren't educated.

human trafficking is the social justice issue of our time. i admire troy's passion and courage in giving his life to this cause.

you can support the cause of speak up by joining the group "speak up for the poor" on fb, and you can also give financially on fb.

midwestern accent

i think i'm beginning to acquire a very slight midwestern-chicagoan accent.  i can't remember what words it affects, but sometimes i say things and i'm surprised by how they come out.


funny moment

this is probably TMI, but i had to share this story.

will has been very busy with school and studying for another exam.  meanwhile, i've been trying to sleep earlier so that i can pray in the morning before i go to work.  this has caused some sleep issues for him, because he sleeps later than me, but he is a very light sleeper so when i get up in the morning, he wakes up too.

hence he hasn't been getting enough sleep.  which worries me.

so the other night, i was in my PJs, brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed.  i called him over:

me:  "honey, can you come over here?  i want to talk to you.  it's important."  

i never say things that serious, so he comes to the bathroom.  

will:  gives me a funny look, and then says "ok, what do you want to talk about?"
me:  "i'm worried about your sleeping patterns.  let's figure something out that works for both of us so that you get enough sleep."
will:  "ok"

we proceed to have a discussion about that.  meanwhile, he's trying to keep a straight face.  then after the convo is over...

will:  "honey, do you know that..." and he points behind me.
me:  "what?"
will:  (starts laughing)  
me:  (i turn around but don't see anything)  "what?"
will:  "your pj pants..."

i turn my head and there is a big tear down the buttcrack of my pj pants.  we both started laughing hysterically.  i immediately wanted to change into something else but he thought it was the funniest thing ever and wanted me to keep them on.

haha.  so much for my serious discussion.

vero suh

my friend from high school started doing photography on the side. i've been so inspired in my little photography endeavors by her! she started her business just a few months ago, and i'm really loving her work. recently she did her first engagement shoot and the photos were fantastic. if you are in the bay area and need a photographer, check her out. her prices are very decent right now since she is just getting started:



end of lent

this year i gave up reading blogs for lent. not all blogs - i let myself read only blogs of people i actually know, which was a total of 13 blogs. the way i did this was i read them by subscribing to these 13 blogs on google reader. i didn't once look at my bloglines, where i kept all my other subscriptions. i checked my bloglines today and it was overwhelming. i subscribe to 153 blogs. so i had over 3000 newly updated posts waiting for me.

my goodness. i think i'm definitely going to cut down on my blog reading permanently.


some updates

it snowed yesterday. it's freakin' april, mind you.

i signed up to run the chicago marathon in october! it'll be my very first marathon. i'll be raising money for clean water in africa in the process. check it out here.

hopefully it'll stop being freezing, snowing and raining so i can actually start training.

i updated my photo blog today.

my mom and bro are visiting me in july. yay!

will is going to be in kentucky this summer.

i finished watching the korean drama, boys before flowers. loved it.

when i visited LA, friends told me i am becoming more korean.

i cut my own bangs the other night. i followed a youtube tutorial on how.