a steal and a splurge

At Trader Joe's right now, a large sized basil plant for $2.99! I picked one up on Sunday afternoon. It will go in my next pasta or omelette. Great for cooking and smells nice too.

I got this along with my *favorite* yogurt at TJ's, Fage. This stuff is SO good. It's a creamy greek yogurt which I'll eat for breakfast with granola and cut up strawberries and blueberries. Kinda pricey though, almost $5 for this small container.

This is a splurge product for me. I usually get the Karoun Dairies product from the Armenian grocery store in Glendale, Jons. It's way cheaper and still good, but not as creamy and little more sour. You can also find the Karoun Dairies yogurt at Whole Foods, but I like to support the little people.



I am *so* impressed! I went to a wedding a few weeks ago and found out that all the invitations, flowers and favors were done by a friend from high school. She and her two sisters started a business together called 3beanscompany. They've always had creative talent and it's cool to see it come to fruition. Here are the favors from the wedding. There were tea bags inside:


yoga love

I <3> yoga. I highly recommend it. It's low impact, but builds strength, flexibility and balance. In other words, abs, toned arms and toned legs. Here is my favorite pose, warrior 2:

If you've never done yoga you're probably thinking, "What? I could do that pose any day!". But there are so many steps to get to this pose that by the time you get there it feels real good. And you feel like a strong warrior! (Okay, I'm getting really into it).

I am the most inflexible woman on this planet. I couldn't even bend over and touch my toes. I was practically touching my knees. But after 6 weeks of yoga I can touch my toes, and I have toned arms too.


lucky man

I got this invitation in the mail today. It's a wedding in Hawaii! This is the first of the guys in my group of high school friends to get married. Very soon all the girls will be married...except me. :) His fiance is from Hawaii, so now he's one of those lucky people who have to go there to see family for holidays.


for kicks

I'm starting a new blog and this one's purely for fun. I'm making my entry into this world by showing off some earrings I bought recently from etsy, an online store. Both are designed by Contrite, who has lots of cute vintagy jewelry. I've been into the gold trend lately. My friend, who has an eye for things told me about the site. She's also the same one who inspired me to start this blog. This post is dedicated to you!

The first pair ended up a lot larger than I expected, and at first I wasn't sure if I'd wear them much, but they are great accents to accompany a simple outfit. I've already worn 'em to two weddings.