vietnam: day 5

we woke up early in the morning and my stomach still hurt, which was not a good thing.  we had been careful about drinking only bottled water and not taking ice at restaurants as we had been advised, but my stomach was uneasy.  we had set up a tour to hue that day so we got picked up early by the driver and guide and took off.  we went to the citadel, pagoda, had lunch and then went to the tomb of the late king khai dinh.  i was not feeling well but had congee for lunch and felt better after that.  it was kind of miserable.  i was stuck in the car, or forcing myself to go out, dry heaving and just in pain. 

we got to the hotel that will's cousin reserved for us.  it was a 5 star hotel.  by then my stomach was feeling much better.  we went swimming at the beach and the pool, and went jet skiing for $20.  then we went out to eat pho and a chain called pho 24.  really good stuff.

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