vietnam: day 6

after my stomach ache filled day i wanted to rest so i stayed at the hotel while will went with a guide to see bach ma mountain.  but he returned early due to road closures.  he worked out and got a massage while i read a book.  on the way to the airport we stopped by pho 24 again and split a bowl of pho.  we arrived back in hanoi, had dinner and hung out with will's cousin's family.  they are ending school here in vietnam in a few days so bringing home projects and photos from school.  then we watched korean dramas together and went to bed.

i don't think i mentioned this, but there is a small ex-pat community here in vietnam.  usually the husband works for a company from another country which has been hired to do some major project here in vietnam, like build a factory or a bridge or other major infrastructure.  the wife stays home or works part time and watched the kids, and the kids attend international school.  seeing the kids here makes me wonder what i would be like if i had grown up in vietnam.

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