vietnam: day 4

still in hoi an, we had a really nice complimentary breakfast at our hotel in the morning that consisted of lots of fruit: dragonfruit, papaya, chinese apple, mango, rambutan and a few others.  then we walked into town and took a one hour ferry ride around the lagoon.  we came back to the hotel, had lunch and then will went to get a massage while i watched a korean drama in the hotel.  afterwards we took a half hour bike ride to the beach and i took a swim.  the water was really nice - pretty warm.  the bike ride was crazy - it gave us a taste of driving in vietnam.  there are no rules driving here.  people drive on the wrong side of the street and the horn is used without restraint to communicate almost every minute.  there are motorbikes everywhere, sometimes up to 4 people on a bike.  will almost got in an accident on the way home.

we cleaned up at the hotel and went out to dinner at cargo, but i couldn't eat because i started getting a stomach ache.


  1. Do you like dragonfruit? I've never eaten it, but dad tried it and told me it is kind of sour (?). BTW this is Justin, Allison Alford's brother. Where are the pictures!?

  2. hi justin! the dragonfruit i've had so far doesn't have a strong taste. as for the photos - i know! i have a ton on my camera but i didn't bring the cord. hope you're well.