in columbus

hi everyone!  just wanted to log on to let you know that we arrived in columbus last night.  today the movers brought all our stuff and we've been busy unpacking, running errands and getting adjusted to our new place. 

first thoughts are that it's a bit of a shock.  the lifestyle here is so different from chicago.  it definitely feels more like a suburb.  i feel like i'm in the car all the time.  we like our place.  it feels huge compared to our chicago home.  i've been itching to garden and it turns out the owner had flowers around the house, some lilac bushes, stargazer lilies and some other pretty flowers whose names i don't know. 

i wish i could post photos but i have limited internet right now.  i hope everyone is having a great summer.  i'll let you know more about columbus and my asia adventures later.

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  1. hi there! i hope you enjoy your transition. sometimes the peace of mind that accompanies suburban living is what we all need at some point in our lives.

    [: id like to see photographs of your travels when you get the opportunity to post them!

    thanks for sharing

    - dennica pearl