seoul, korea

hi everyone, i'm in korea!  we flew asiana airlines and arrived last night to incheon international airport.  we then took the bus to apgujeong-dong, where we're staying at my cousin's place.  we got a little lost finding his place but found it after an hour.  the nice thing is, we have the place to ourselves.

today we woke up really early and went to rent a cell phone (or hand phone, as they call it here).  we went to paris baguette for breakfast and walked around while waiting for the place to open.  it's really affordable and convenient to rent a phone for travel - they should really have something like this available in the u.s.

we also went to namdaemun market and got red korea t-shirts so that we're ready to cheer on south korea in their next game against uruguay.  i'm totally psyched that i'll get to watch the game here in seoul.  i don't even care if they win the next game.  i just wanted them to win the last one so that i'd be able to watch one game in korea. 

we ate breakfast at paris baguette, kimbap at a food stand
lunch at namdaemun - naeng myun and kalgooksu, also some really good mandu and fruit on a stick
afternoon snack - red bean shaved ice at a food stand at dongdaemun
dinner - at gangster (jopok) dukbokki in hongdae

it's been 10 years since i've been in korea.  a lot has changed.  the city is really clean - super clean.  also, they are very high tech, more than the u.s. for sure.  the subway is super high tech, clean and easy to use, which i love.  i noticed that goods are not as cheap as i had expected (clothes, etc).  but food is super cheap and there is tons of street food.

that's all for now.  good night!