Looking ahead

I'm making a concerted effort to think positively about the move.  So here's a list of things I'm looking forward to in Columbus:

- Having a second bedroom & bathroom which I hope will entice guests to come visit
- I learned about CSAs recently and am thinking about subscribing to one.
- With another room, I will have reason to get some new furniture.  I can't wait to troll Craigslist, and check out the thrift store / antique market scene in Columbus.
- Re-decorating!  With a new space comes new arrangements.
- Gardening.  I have a small space to grow my own garden (I think).  I'm itching to garden guys.  My mom's visiting us in August, and maybe she can help me get started (I have no experience).
- An attached garage.  No more taking the elevator down and up to retrieve something left in the car.
- Apple picking.  There's a place my aunt goes to every year, and they pick enough fuji apples to last them 6 months! (Oh yeah, did I mention I have an aunt out there?)
- Change of scenery.  While I'll miss the city, I'm looking forward to being around more trees, open spaces and natural environments.
- Lower sales tax.  6.75% baby.

I think Columbus will have other things in store for me that I am unaware of as of yet.  I will keep you posted.

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