5 weeks left

W and I started talking about how we want to get closure and end our time in Chicago well.  Dinners and farewells are getting booked, and we are trying to conquer the logistics of the move one by one.  

It's been a little gloomy around here lately with rain and wind.  

Above is a photo from my first roll of film, which I didn't post on my photo blog because it's a little blurry, but I thought I'd share because I still like it.  Speaking of which, I had some drama in the photography department.  Fedex couldn't find the film that I shipped through them to the lab.  They finally found it like a week and a half later.  So I feel like I've been waiting for.e.ver for my film.  Patience!  I need it.


  1. Hi Bo - Wow, 5 weeks left? It sounds like you are doing a good job of filling that time meaningfully.

    And I'm so glad they tracked down your film!

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