Found a place

W and I went to Columbus over the weekend to search for our new home (renting not buying).  We saw about 20 places and picked one.  It was a bit of drama, as we almost sealed the deal on one place but the property management company was acting shady and we decided not to go ahead with it.  But we had a backup place so that was good.  Anyways, it's a relief that it's almost over.  The place is a bit bigger than our current, and the rent a bit lower, which is nice.  I'm particularly excited about having a 2nd bedroom and bathroom. 

A couple things noted on the trip.  It was a lot warmer than Chicago.  I think it's generally 8-10 degrees warmer over there, which is great.  We were pleasantly surprised by some good authentic ethnic food we encountered.  While there aren't tons of options, we found a Korean, Vietnamese and Indian place we liked a lot.  We also tried dim sum but that didn't go so well.  And a great brunch place, and ice cream shop.  It was also a bigger city than we had pictured.  I think we had some pretty low expectations for the city and so it was better than expected.  There are some cute walkable areas with personality as well, which was nice.

All in all, we're a little tired but it was a good trip, and I'm happy we have a place.  I have essentially 6 weeks left in Chicago.  Crazy.  I don't think it's hit me yet.


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  2. I'm glad to hear that you found a place! Six weeks huh? I'm looking forward to seeing photos of Cleveland once you get there! It already sounds more interesting than I had imagined. ;)