It has begun

I mentioned about a year ago that I wanted to get into film photography.  Well, as you've seen here and there in my posts, I've started taking photography more seriously.  It's been a combination of thinking about what I want to do when I move, and also a lot of encouragement from friends (thank you).

When I began to think about photography as a career, I realized that if I get into this, what I really want to shoot is film.  But I knew nothing about film and it felt risky.  Will encouraged me to just go for it if that's what I want to do.  So I did a crazy thing and I bought a film camera.  I really didn't know what I was doing (and still don't).  After I ordered the camera I realized that I needed to buy film.  And batteries.  And then how to develop?  I couldn't even figure out how to release the shutter for about a day.  And it was so heavy.  Everything is different with film.  It's been a huge learning curve to say the least, and I'm only at the tip of the iceberg.

I took the camera out for a spin.  I fluctuated between being thrilled at the process of taking film photos - it's a wonderful, slower and more thoughtful process, and I love the sound the camera makes when I take a shot - and panic.  I experienced anxiety because I couldn't tell if I was doing anything right.  No instant feedback on the LCD screen!  I know, right?  I sent in the film and had to wait for a week.  It felt like eternity. Who waits a week for anything anymore?  I kept wondering if I had done a stupid thing by getting into film.

And then the photos came.

Yes.  I love them.  I love film.  And I'm so ecstatic and excited about it.  Words cannot express!!!

I have a LOT more to learn and I want to keep growing and pushing myself.  And some of my shots were really bad.  But there was enough good there to show me what potential there is.

So here it is.  Thank you for listening.

P.S. I'm shooting a wedding today.  I'm VERY nervous.


  1. Yay for taking risks! I love the photos and creative inspiration, Bo. Keep 'em coming.

  2. Yeah!!! I'm so glad to hear that! Go Will for encouraging your wife to just take the plunge! ;)

  3. What!? A wedding? How exciting - report back when you get a chance!

  4. Congrats... I hope everything goes well

  5. OH wow! A wedding gig~ Congrats Bo!