week 16

i ran 20 miles!!!

i still can't believe i did it. i have to say, it was pretty brutal. i ran with 5 other women and we were all struggling. i think i walked most of mile 18.

my heart was fine but my legs and hips were hurting. afterwards, i jumped into the lake and that helped a lot. i also iced some more at home. i was pretty tired - took a nap and slept early that night. but besides that, i was generally functional.

i got a new pair of shoes about 2 weeks ago, the exact same pair i've been training with, but the right shoe on the new pair feels like it has a slight bump in it, which gave me a blister. i totally felt it during the run too. :(

anyways, the nice part now is that the runs are tapering off until the actual marathon. yay!

here are this week's runs:

mon: 5 mi [missed]
tue: 8 mi [missed]
thu: 4 mi [missed]
sat: 12 mi [missed]


  1. wow, congrats on 20 miles! That's farther than going from Tujunga to LA.

  2. I knew you could do it!! Watch out Chicago Marathon!!