fall is around the corner

i feel it. the weather is changing. the high today and for the rest of the week will be 75 degrees. today a coworker told me that the 80s are now gone. get ready for more weather posting from me.

in other news,

-> i am slowly becoming addicted to dunkin' donuts regular coffee. it is surprisingly good. the word is it's the creamer.

-> i've been using a new granola recipe. will and i love it. to give you a preview, it involves olive oil, pumpkin seeds and coconut chips. can you resist?

-> we are contemplating getting a kitchenaid mixer. is it worth it?

-> i helped plan a baby shower for the first time! and i took photos: 1, 2, 3

-> had an awesome summer: jazz fest, sox game, cubs game, wildfire, u2 concert, dance festival, music festival, air show, bourbon tour, cave tour, architecture tour, southern bbq and 10 visitors. whew.

-> will is back from louisville. i am getting used to having a roommate again.

-> small group starts tomorrow. i am nervous and excited.

i hope everyone is well.


  1. how was the u2 concert? That's exciting that your small group starts to tomorrow. Have fun and a blessed time.

  2. the u2 concert was so awesome! above and beyond expectations. they really know how to put on a good show.