week 17

i think i overdid it with jumping into the lake after the 20 miler. my body's immune system was already down from running so much, and i then i just took it out by jumping into a freezing lake. i was really cold afterwards, and 2 days later i was sick. :(

i took 2 days off from work and stopped all running.

i'm going to try to get back into it starting today, but this weather is not motivating me! it is already SO cold here! the highs are in the 60s this week. at least the runs are shorter.

anyways, i can't believe this is my second to last week of training! i will be running the marathon in about 2 weeks!

this week's runs:

mon: 4 mi [missed]
tue: 6 mi [missed]
thu: 3 mi [missed]
sat: 8 mi [done]

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