week 15

i can't believe the marathon is less than a month away! we'll see if i can pull this off.

i flew over to louisville over the weekend, and will and i ran together. i managed to do 9 miles. then we ate lunch and drove to chicago.

this week i really need to buckle down. if i can pull off 20 this saturday, then i think i can pull off the marathon. after this week, the mileage starts to taper off. the good thing is, i have nothing going on this weekend - no out of town guests, no trips, nothing. and i have the car! which means i can drive to the group run. so i'm hoping i can do this.

i have a new pair of shoes, which i think will help. i also lost my moisture wicking socks in louisville somehow so i got a new pair of those too.

this week's runs:

mon: 5 mi [done]
tue: 10 mi [done]
thu: 5 mi [did 4]
sat: 20 mi [done!]

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