week 14

hello friends. i skipped my long run once again. basically, for these uber-long runs, if i miss the group run, then i won't run it b/c it's a real pain to run such a long distance alone. i helped plan a baby shower and had to be there at 9am. the group run starts at 7am. and i needed a solid 3 hours to run, plus 1/2 hour for stretching and cooling down, plus 1/2 hour for shower/getting ready. i could've started running at 4:30am to make it to the baby shower by 9am but that wasn't going to happen.

at this point i don't know if i'll be able to complete the marathon. running 9 miles this week was tough! i had to take some walk breaks.

today i fly out to louiville to help will move back. we will drive out to chicago tomorrow. i'm planning on squeezing in a run before the drive. hopefully that will happen. next weekend i'm supposed to do 20 miles. i'll definitely be in town then, and if i can somehow miraculously pull that off, i think i'll be able to pull off the marathon.

sorry these posts are becoming such a downer!

mon: 5 mi [missed]
tue: 9 mi [done]
thu: 5 mi [done]
sat: 14 mi [did 9]

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