week 13

last week was not as successful as i had hoped. it's amazing how out of shape you can get by not exercising regularly. first of all, i over did it with the quad strengthening and i could barely walk for about 3 days. so that took me out for longer. my long run was really hard. i was supposed to do 12 but i only did 10.

i finally ordered my new pair of shoes too, and i know i am at least a couple of weeks overdue on that. hopefully the new pair will help ease my knee issues.

my 4 mile run yesterday felt good, so i'm hoping for a better week. i'm supposed to do 18 on saturday but i don't know if that's going to happen. also, i have a baby shower i'm planning that morning so i'll have to do part of my run alone and then join the group so i can finish earlier and get to the shower.

anyways, i'm trying to stay encouraged but feeling a bit down and losing steam. here are this week's runs:

mon: 4 mi [done]
tue: 9 mi [done]
thu: 5 mi [done]
sat: 18 mi [missed]

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  1. hey bo, it's kind of normal to have that kind of week as a runner...(not that i'm an expert or even consider myself a runner)you can do it! but be good to your knees. :)