week 7

i can't believe i'm actually doing this! seriously. i think anyone can do this. it's about mind over matter, more than anything.

...well, let's see if i can pull the whole thing off, first. :)

i did my 7 last week and it felt great, especially after having 10 under my belt. i also finally ran with the world vision team again, and it was SO nice to run with a group! it made the whole long run experience much more enjoyable and less intense.

i got there after the groups had taken off, so i had to book it until i caught up with my pace group, which was the 10 minute mile group. i think i finished the 7 miles in 65 minutes.

this week is the 12 miler. i'm definitely going to the group run for that one. i will need all the extra help i can get. i'm having an issue with my fourth toe. it turned purple under the toenail. that toe starts feeling cramped in my shoe. i think i need new shoes soon, too. it feels weird getting another pair b/c my shoes seem new, but i think i'm approaching the 400 mile mark with my shoes.

anyways, here are this week's runs:

mon: 3 mi [done]
tue: 6 mi [did 4]
thu: 3 mi [missed]
sat: 12 mi [done]

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