week 6

caution: this post may contain tmi for some, especially men. :)

first off, i did it! ten miles!!!

i am feeling pretty good about my running. but i am also coming up against some new challenges:

1. my period: i visited will this past weekend in louisville. i was all set to run my 10 miles on saturday morning, but i started my period that day. the cramps began early in the morning, and didn't stop until about noon. when the cramps start, i am pretty much bed-ridden. they are very painful and medication doesn't help. sometimes the pain is so strong that i get nautious and once i even threw up. i REALLY hope i don't start my period on race day! that would suck.

so i actually ended up doing a shorter run on saturday night with will in louisville. it was super humid and we only completed 5 miles because it was getting late, and it was still 80 degrees, and we had to eat.

i did my long run yesterday, here in chicago. i felt really good cardiovascularly. but some new things...

2. knees: my knees started hurting at mile 5, and then got really painful at mile 8. i wanted to run faster my last two miles but my knees were screaming at me. i don't know what to do about this. will says i should ice my knees after the run.

3. calves and ankles: my calves and ankles hurt too. i didn't get what that was about. i think i need to stretch more.

4. blisters: some of my toes got really tender during the run. today i'm really feeling the blisters.

5. goo: i tried goo for the first time. i took it at the halfway point. it tasted nasty, but i knew i needed the extra energy. i think i'll try making my own next time. i heard you can mix honey and cinnamon.

6. watermelon: i have discovered the perfect pre-run food - watermelon! i ate a whole bunch of watermelon before my run. it's basically sugar and water so it gave me energy without the digestion issues that other food gives. i think i'll keep eating watermelon before long runs. i got no side cramps from it at all!

my runs this week:
mon: 3 mi [did 10]
tue: 5 mi [done]
wed: 3 mi [done]
sat: 7 mi [done]

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