week 4

it's been a bit challenging to keep up with my marathon training schedule. with going out of town, and having out of town guests stay with me, i have to work extra hard to stay on track.

i was supposed to do another sixer last weekend but i only had time to do four. i hope it doesn't mess me up. this week's schedule is 3, 4, 3 and 8. but i have modified the schedule for the week to the following:

tue: 5 mi [done]
thu: 4 mi [missed]
sat: 8 mi [done]

8 feels big! i hope i can do it. i think my cousin-in-law is going to run it with me. will picked up some goo and power bar type things for me. i've been saving them for longer runs. i might give them a try for the 8 miler this weekend.

the one nice thing is that the weather has been unusually cool here. today, it is drizzling and in the 60s. perfect for running!

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