it was a full weekend and this week will also be busy.

on saturday, i went to durham, north carolina for a wedding. meanwhile, will packed up his car and moved to louisville, kentucky for the summer. as you can imagine, it was a bit hectic.

although i am majorly sleep deprived from the weekend, i had a really good time. tony, one of the first all nations students, got married. a bunch of old all nationers went out and we had a reunion. it was a special time. i met these guys 8 years ago and a lot of them had never touched a bible let alone had relationship with god at the time. now they are leading small groups and teaching the bible to others. it really encouraged me.

i also roomed with my old supervisor and good friend YSL over the weekend. we were realizing that although we'd seen each other at weddings and such, we hadn't hung out in two years! there was a lot of catching up to do, thus the late night talks. i respect her so much! she is an awesome woman, in many ways.

we reflected on how you never know who will bear fruit when you are first scattering the seed. i remember after the very first welcome event, i took the list of people who came and just went knocking on doors. at the time, it was so random. now, some of these guys are my good friends and really faithful people. i was only 22 back then. i was so young, and yet god somehow used me. or rather, i think i was just there to be a part of what he was doing.

i've been off staff for 2 years now. i have not led anything in that time. not one thing. it's really been a season of anonymity. who am i when no one's looking? when i don't have an official role? sometimes it's not so pretty. i don't know what god has for me, but i'm grateful for the encouragement i got this weekend.

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  1. awww...this post made me nostalgic about our time doing ISM. All the time and energy put into those students... You are totally right when you say how we never know the future impact of the things we do today. So glad you were encouraged - and then wrote this post - which then brought back joyful memories to me :) It makes me sad not being able to just hop on the freeway and visit you in westwood :(