week 5

with visitors in town, i only did two of my runs last week. but one of them was 8 miles! yay!

i'm getting back on track this week. last week i talked about how i don't like running alone. i've also been learning that i run much better in cooler weather.

here are this week's runs:

mon: 3 mi [done]
tue: 5 mi [done]
thu: 3 mi [done]
sat: 10 mi [did 5]

i'm hitting 10 this week. wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. Go Bo Go! I've been inspired by you... probably won't keep up with you, but inspired nevertheless. If you have an iphone, there's a cool app that tracks you when you run. i.e. http://bit.ly/N3Ogi (that's me)