shout out week

i've been so inspired by different friends of mine who have gone non-traditional routes and started their own organizations or small businesses. so this week i've decided to highlight some of them. i already told you about vero. here's the 2nd edition...

my friend from mosaic, troy, started his own non-profit called speak up. speak up works to eliminate human trafficking, beginning in thailand, and eventually around the world. troy got his law degree at ucla so he could do this. after working as a DA to pay off school loans, he quit his job and went full force into developing his organization.

one thing i like about his vision is that he is seeking to stop the cycle of poverty and oppression by educating women. women end up being sex slaves because they can't find other work, which they can't do because they aren't educated.

human trafficking is the social justice issue of our time. i admire troy's passion and courage in giving his life to this cause.

you can support the cause of speak up by joining the group "speak up for the poor" on fb, and you can also give financially on fb.

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