spring's arrival

spring has been somewhat shy - okay - downright stubborn about arriving in chicago.  it's april 22!  but today she poked her head out and gave us a little glimpse of her full glory.  i went for a run by the lake after work and noticed signs of spring all around me.  first of all, it was a gorgeous day.  it hit 60 today, the sun was out, and it wasn't too windy.  also, i see green leaves appearing on trees that for so long were bare skeletons.  grass is turning from yellow/brown to green.  tulips and daffodils are opening up their buds everywhere, and people are planting their flower boxes.  it is really amazing how winter becomes spring.  it's such a sight to see green after so much grey, brown and white.  i can't even begin to describe how i felt as i saw familiar barren sites begin to show signs of change.  it is a beautiful thing.

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