playing in the snow

ok, i promise these are the last pics of our balcony.  i know these pics are totally boring.  i want to take some beautiful outside pics of the snow, but it's always way too cold to take the time to get the camera out and take a pic.  and i can't do it without taking my gloves off.

anyways, the other night we came home and had the urge to make snow angels outside on the pristine snow.  then we ended up just playing in it and throwing it everywhere.  

here it is before, all perfect:

and then after:

and finally, a photo of me walking to the car after dinner with friends.  it was pretty peaceful that night, after having snowed all day.

today we are going to ikea.  yay!  we're having our first guest this week and need to get a futon so she has somewhere to sleep.  and a few other essentials.  it's been an ordeal setting this up, with will's busy schedule, and also because we need to rent a big van as our little honda coup won't be able to fit everything in it.

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