snow progress

i know i am sooo LA, with my constant posting about the snow, but it really intrigues me.  first off, here is the progress of the snow.  if you look at the second pic on my previous post, you can see how much more snow has fallen since then.

i totally had a moment coming up the elevator at home today.  

so it's been snowing on and off for the last 3 days.  today was the worst.  i guess this is what they call a snowstorm.  anyways, i chose today of all days to go run an errand.  i had to walk 2.5 blocks to get to the bus stop.  no biggie, right?  

well, halfway to the bus stop, with snow blowing in my face and sloshing through snow, ice, slush and mud, i thought "what was i thinking???"  but i was at the point of no return, so i trudged on.  in my non-waterproof shoes.  haha.

anyways, somehow i finished running my errands, and was carrying this now really heavy shopping bag and trudging back through the snow to get home.  at one point, i was crossing the street and thought i might never get to the other side because the wind was blowing against me so hard that i couldn't take another step forward.  

by the time i got to our building, went through a set of double doors, walked through the icy patio, to another set of double doors, checked the mail and got in the elevator, i stood there for a second and then started laughing at myself.  i think it was the combination of being part hysterical, part relieved to know that i made it, and part laughing at my folly in venturing out into a snowstorm without the proper shoes.

next task: get a good pair of snowboots.


  1. So you wouldn't appreciate it too much if I told you that the high is 81 today?

  2. eddy, you suck! haha. everyone has been rubbing it in my face. it makes me realize how much i took beautiful LA weather for granted. enjoy it!