i'm invited!

my first visitor to chicago came into town last night.  i had asked her to drop by my mom's place and pick up a few things for me.  when i opened the package, i found a large envelope with the return address saying "The Presidential Inaugural Committee".  i opened it and look what i found!

at first i thought it was some kind of joke.  but then i remembered that i had written the congress person, requesting admission to the inauguration!  i feel so honored!

will thinks i should frame it.  my friend thinks i should give it away.  what should i do?  i'm planning on enjoying the festivities in chicago, and i think it's too late for anyone to make plans...

i think i will keep it.


  1. You are lucky... I wrote to both my congressman and my Senator to ask for tickets. Response: Sorry, we don't have any.

    IMHO, Go! Book that flight to a remote city, rent that car and go to the inauguration.

    You could also sell it on eBay, make bank on it, and risk getting arrested...

  2. Oooh, cool! If you can't go, keep it for the memory.