cabin fever: part 2

lately will and i go out at night because by then i've gone stir crazy.  last night we were desperately in search of a good taco.  how i miss atacor!  we tried el taco veloz, based on chow and yelp reviews, but it was eh.  i don't know about these midwesterners' takes on tacos.  

while waiting for the elevator to go home, we had this convo:

bo:    honey, when do you think it will get warmer?
will:  i don't know honey.
bo:    when will it hit 40 degrees?
will:  i don't know. 
bo:    how about 50 degrees?
will:  i don't know.
bo:    how about 60 degrees?
wlll:  i don't know.  i think it will hit 60 degrees in may.
bo:    MAY????!!!

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