sicilian bakery

for some reason, i didn't try many desserts when i was in italy.  i missed out!  but last night we died and went to heaven at pasticceria natalina.  from the moment we walked in, i absolutely loved the place.  it was cozy, with one bar, and the decor was sparse but very well chosen.  the young woman behind the counter was so friendly and helpful.  she described in detail that they don't use any processed or industrial goods in their baking, that everything is made from scratch, and that the desserts are made every morning.

it turned out she was the owner, natalie (thus the name of the shop), along with her husband.  they actually import sheep's milk ricotta from italy and use it in their desserts.  

well, it was SO good.  we ended up getting 3 desserts (will's weakness) and tea.  here is the cannoli we had.  it wasn't super sweet.  it was just right.  and they filled it on the spot, telling us that this was the right way to serve cannoli.  

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