cabin fever: part 1

i have been struck with cabin fever.  my life consists of cooking, cleaning, looking for a job, and studying for a standardized test, most of which happens inside the house.  i try to make an effort to go outside at least once a day - which is the highlight of my day, including studying at a coffee shop or bookstore, going to the post office and yes, going to target.

it is quite an ordeal, getting out of the house.  the way i described it to an LA friend is, it's like being in big bear everyday.  i wear layers, get in my big poofy down jacket, gloves, earmuffs and boots when i go out.  

part of the problem is that i like to get work done at home during the day.  and i also prefer to get out of the house when the sun is still out.  it's a catch 22.  by the time i'm sick of staying indoors and want to get out, the sun is setting.  another problem is that i don't even want to spend money on a cup of coffee because i'm unemployed. 

btw, this photo has nothing to do with this post.  will wanted me to post it and let you get a glimpse of what you might get if you come visit us.

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