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will heard about sam's wine here in chicago (like a costco for wine - reminded me of bevmo), so we checked it out over the weekend.  we were looking for an affordable, smooth, not dry cabernet.  the guy there was super helpful and recommended this one:

it's a 2005 cab.  the guy described it as smooth and complex.  it was oak-ey and smokey at the same time.  we loved it.

here are some other wines we have at the moment.  the first is the requisite 2 buck chuck sauv blanc for cooking.  the fetzer (vintage 2006) is one we picked up from the store to pair with cheese and crackers on our date night 2 weeks ago.  it was a wild guess but turned out to be a great riesling.  sweet, of course, but not syrup-y.  everyone we've served it to has loved it.  and $10.

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