Garden update

I was waiting to post an update on my garden until it was complete, but with school starting next week I might get busy so I thought I'd share a bit now. The garden has changed since I took this photo a few weeks ago - I've transplanted some plants into larger pots, and done some rearranging. Also, the layout has changed as I've gotten a better handle on each plant's sun/shade needs.

I did some basic research to figure out what the conditions were on my balcony, and then what plants would do well in those conditions as well as in a container. Another challenge I'm facing because I'm higher up in the building is that the sunniest spots are also the windiest. Here's what I have:

Veggies: patio tomatoes
Herbs: chives, mint, lemon balm mint, rosemary, basil, dill, cilantro, lavender, vinca, parsley
Edible flowers: marigolds, evening primrose (not pictured)
Succulents: aloe vera, jade (both not pictured)
Others: columbine (CO state flower), lamb's ear, black-eyed susan, showy najavo tea, salvia, tickseed 

To keep costs down I scoured Craigslist to find good deals. I found most of my pots and my patio furniture on Craigslist. I highly recommend the app if you have an iPhone - way better and easier to use than the regular version.

Where I bought stuff:
Pots: 2 from Home Depot, and the rest are free or used on Craigslist, or estate sales
Plants: Al's Pine Garden Nursery, Denver Botanic Gardens Annual Plant Sale, Cherry Creek Farmer's Market and parsley from Home Depot
Soil: organic potting soil from Home Depot, organic compost from Costco
Gardening tools: estate sale

We've had a few nice dinners on the patio, which is a nice change of scenery without going out.

Also, I'm addicted to gardening! It's amazing and therapeutic to watch things grow, flower and especially to pick and eat stuff.

I want to get some more vegetables. Since the basil is doing well, I think other veggies may work.

I will post the updated layout later.


  1. I'm so excited your plants are doing so well! Don't you love growing your own food and herbs! Do you have any lettuce growing? We like growing "buttercrunch" the best. Good luck with schoole starting next week! Enjoy your holiday weekend with W.

    1. Jac, I love it! I do miss eating from your garden though. :) I don't have any lettuce - I tried to find some today but I think I might be a little late? Maybe I can get some as fall approaches. I did get some kale today.

      Ohio really has the best conditions for gardening in terms of temperature, humidity and rainfall. Here, it's dry and there's very little rainfall.

    2. I miss you guys swinging by and picking with us! Ours in in full swing. We have the standard vegetables this year...nothing crazy or weird. I just got my basil and cilantro in the ground last week. It quickly found itself in our morning omlettes, so yummy. Hopefully it can keep up with our demand.

      Chives might do well for you. They are a perineal too, so you might be able to get them back.

  2. Nice, Bo! I'm glad to hear your basil is doing well - I forget if I told you already I've killed like 3 basil plants in the past 5 years. : )

    1. I think I may have spoken too soon. This morning I transplanted the basil to a larger pot as it looked like it was outgrowing the pot. It definitely was, but I broke off half the root system during the move! I should have put it in a larger pot from the start. Oh well, live and learn. :) I have my fingers crossed, hoping it will survive the move.