I started a homemade compost bin today! It's something I've always wanted to try and now that I have a garden it only makes sense. Store bought ones are too big for the space I have, so I used an extra plant pot I had with holes on the bottom. I picked a black pot as it will cause the contents to get warmer under the sun. I layered the "brown" and "green" materials and mixed in a little bit of compost soil I had (left photo).

I went outside and collected a bunch of dried leaves for my "brown" materials (right photo) for layering later. I've also started to collect paper items that I can throw in there. You can see an old toilet paper roll cut up in the first photo. And of course, I've started collecting produce scraps. This is the most rewarding part - I've always felt wasteful throwing away things like apple peels, bok choy ends, wilted lettuce and coffee grounds. Now I have a way to recycle those things!

I will keep you updated on my little compost efforts (it's a slow process). Meanwhile, let me know if you have any tips for me on composting.

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