Girl friends are the bomb

I miss all of my girl friends in LA.  They are such quality people.  Thanks for a great time of eating and catching up.

With Helen at LaMill in Silverlake:

Jiyoo let us borrow her car.  Thanks Jiyoo!  I think she looks so cute here:

With Dianna at Starbucks.  We found out that Starbucks does not allow you to take photos inside their stores, so we had to do this fast.

With Margaret at her place.  We look like this because we walked out in the rain and were drenched.  The walk was worth it though because we had yummy food at Europane.

With Diane at her pad in k-town. She cooked me a yummy dinner. She was all insecure about her cooking but it turned out great.

With Janice at Joan's on Third:

More Janice:

With May and her dog Mochi at her home:

More on LA to come...

edit: I totally forgot to take a photo with my dear friend Rebecca.  Ugh!  Rebecca, it was so good to see you!  Even though I don't think E was too happy with me. :)

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