LA food is the bomb

I already posted some food, but here's more:

Agu-jjeem at Dae Bok for my mom's graduation dinner:

Noshi with W's family and then mine:

Korean dessert from a stand outside Assi Market, filled with red bean. I forget what this is called (Janice, help me out):

Grandma's 88th birthday cake.  Cousin Hannah picked it up from Porto's.  Red velvet!

Intelligentsia in Old Town Pasadena. Oh, how I've missed you.

Paulette's macaroons, Janice's favorite.

Yummy Korean fried chicken with the Kwaks from OB Bear:

Breakfast made by W's mom:

Breakfast I made at the cousin's trip, and some fruit we picked from the backyard there:

New Year's breakfast made by W's mom and Janice:

That's about it! I hope you're all enjoying 2011 so far.

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