week 11

i did 15 miles!!

i think it went pretty well. by mile 12 or so my whole body was screaming at me. but somehow i pushed through it to a good finish. total time was 2:33. my running team helped me get through it. i would've most definitely walked if i was alone.

speaking of which, i have to do 16 miles alone this week. i'm going to louisville this weekend so i can't run with the group. i'm trying to decide whether i should do it on thursday night here in chicago or saturday morning in louisville. i'm leaning towards doing it here in chicago, because there are hills in louisville, it's more humid there, and i'm not familiar with the area out there. it might be difficult to find a good 16 mile route. also, we want to do some site seeing in louisville and running will take up the whole morning. we'll see!

but back to the 15. i had my granola and i actually had no goo during the run. the only thing i did differently was that i usually drink only water, but i had gatorade twice to replenish salt into my system. that gatorade tasted SO good.

also, running together is really cool. i get to know my fellow runners better each week. they are from all walks of life and i feel pretty bonded to them. i only knew one of them prior to the training. it's awesome.

my midweek runs are getting longer. here are this week's runs:

mon: 4 mi [done]
tue: 8 mi [missed]
thu: 4 mi [missed]
sat: 16 mi [missed]

have a great week!

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