random thoughts about chicago

i haven't written about chicago in awhile, but i've had random thoughts floating around, like...

i can't stand the pedestrian culture in chicago. no one obeys the pedestrian signals, and i think it's very dangerous and unnecessary. is waiting 30 seconds really going to set you back that much?

i miss being in the food capital of the world. yes, LA. it's amazing that although i'm currently living in the 3rd largest city in the u.s., the food in LA is like 10 times better.

ok, i have positives too. :)

we have had the mildest summer EVER! it has been so nice. i think there have been maybe 7 hot and humid days total. otherwise, it's been in the low 80s.

i love summer in chicago. everyone is outside enjoying the weather, the park, the beach, the streets, the lake, the pier. it's awesome.

i found my favorite summer activity = free music at millenium park. there is an outdoor music pavilion. the seats in the very front must be bought. but right behind that, a great big lawn stretches out for the rest of us. people bring their blankets, lawn chairs, picnic tables, food, wine, cheese and relax and enjoy the classical music. it is awesome! i've already gone 6 times, and i'm going to milk it for all it's worth. i think it's my hollywood bowl equivalent, but it's much more accessible and it's free.

summer, please don't go!

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