week 3

week 3 of my marathon training begins today. last week i made some adustments to the schedule. instead of doing 3 miles on tues and thurs, i ran it on wed. and i did the long run on friday, instead of saturday.

my long run went well. it was 6 miles. after the first 2 miles i felt pretty good. i ran it at 3:30 in the afternoon and it was hot. i was sweating cats and dogs as it was the first really warm day of the summer. also, i mixed up the path a bit. i ran up the lake and when i hit the river, i cut across through the river walk into the city. i ran the rest of the way back through the city. what i liked about running through the city was that it is much more interesting and there's a lot more to see, rather than just miles of lake. but there is more congestion and i had to stop at a lot of lights.

this week, i'll be making adjustments again, because i'm going out of town for a wedding this weekend. here are my scheduled runs, but i'll probably do the long run on friday:

mon: 3 mi [i think i skipped this one. i can't remember.]
tue: 4 mi [done]
thu: 3 mi [done]
sat: 6 mi [did 4 only]

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  1. go bo yun! what date is the marathon? you are like super woman: starting a photo biz, running a marathon, have moved to a new city and just gotten married!
    hey, btw, check out my blog and let me know what you think - i just re-vamped it.